Starter herd pricing for 3-5 cows
and a bull.  Heifers on calves
page.  Can deliver
Cattle Call Ranch
Atoka, Ok
580 364-6592  Belinda
83 1/2" tip to tip 21" base. 4 year old bull by Star
Regard.  Reference bull for what some of our
cows are bred to for 2018 calves.
12 yr old cow.  Bred for 2018 to our Star
Regard bull with over 82" ttt horns at 4 yrs
old  Great mother has a calf every year like
Has a heifer calf at her side. $3650
4 year old bred cow, Ron Marquess breeding.    2018 bull calf by the red and
white Star Regard bull  and will be bred back to him for 2019  
3 n 1 package
2 1/2 year old heifer out of Bubba bull.  She is bred
to our Cowboy Chex bull and has a bull calf at her
side.  Real flat horns.  $2
500 3n1 package
3 year old Bowman bred cow.  Nice flat twisty
horns.  She has a Cowboy Chex  heifer at her
side and will be bred back to red white bull
pictured for 2019.   $3500  3n1 package
2016 cow with a Cowboy Chex bull calf at her side.  
She is out of the black bull that is 76" ttt.  She will
also be bred back to the Cowboy Chex bull that is
over 75" ttt.  $2
800 3n1 package.
Her dam is 75" ttt.
2 year old cow by a JP Rio Grand cow
that was over 70" ttt.  She is bred to the
Cowboy Chex bull for a 2018 calf.  
$2000.  Her mother is pictured above.
3 year old brindle cow. Had a nice brindle bull
this year.   She will be bred back to Cowboy
Chex bull for 2018 calf.  Real easy going easy
keeper and gentle.  And yes she is brindle and
throws brindle.  Nice flat horns twisting out.
Price $2850